Attach a file to a template

How to attach a file to a template to make it automatically available and attached when generating a contract from this template.

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Tomorro allows you to attach one or more files directly in your template so that they are automatically attached when each new contract is generated using this template.

Do you have non editable appendix or files that need to be shared each time with your co-contractor?

You can automate this files sharing with this feature.

⚙️ How do I do it?

To attach a file to a template, first go to the "Templates" tab of your account, then open the template to which you want to attach a file.

In the template in question, click on the "Attached files" tab in the right-hand menu:

Here, choose one or more documents or drag and drop them.

ℹ️ You can add multiple files, and all formats are supported, up to a limit of 70MB per file.

🔒 All attached files are private by default. They will be accessible to all users in your organization who have access to projects created from this template, but not to external users (counterparty).

🔓 To open access to attached files for your co-contractor when sending a project created from this template, pull down the file options menu by clicking on "..." and select "Share with counterparty".

What happens when a contract is created with this template?

Each time a new contract is created from the template to which files have been added, these files are automatically attached.

See for yourself: here we have attached these from the template these two documents.

When generating a new contract, they are automatically found in the shared files.

Your counterparty will also find them in the files from their dedicated interface when you share the contract with them.

Tomorro team's advice 💙

Easily add your T&Cs, a brochure, a leaflet with prices or even your graphic charter to your template. These documents will be automatically shared with the counterparty with each new contract. 👌

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