Invite my teams to join Tomorro

How to invite your collaborators to join Tomorro.

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Organizations can have an unlimited number of members depending on their plan. For more details, see our pricing tab.

As an Admin, you can easily invite new members to join your team through your company settings.

To access it, click on your company name at the top of the left menu, as shown in the image below. Click directly on "Invite teammates" or on "Workspace Settings" and then on the "Members" section.

Invite a new member

Once on this page, click on "Add a new member", fill in the email address of the person you wish to invite, and define his/her role (Administrator, Manager, or Contributor).

Click on "Send invitation" and the invited person will receive an email inviting them to create their account and to set a password.

You can also add members to groups.

More details on groups in this article: Create a group of users.

Invite multiple members

If you want to save time and invite several members at once, just insert several email addresses separated by semicolons.

You will also be able to choose the role of these members, as well as the groups you want to add them to.

👋 If you are having trouble inviting your collaborators to the platform, contact us by chat or at

👋 If you need additional Admin or Manager licenses to the ones included in your plan, please reach out to your dedicated account manager or contact us at

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