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Manage summary sheet information

Choose which smart fields you want to display in the summary sheets of your contracts

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What for?

🎯 Increase control and visibility of legal and financial risks.

Smart fields allow you to track certain important data about your contracts. Not all fields are relevant to all models in your organization.

Example: the fields "Warranty Period" or "Liability Ceiling" would be relevant values to track for a supplier or customer contract, but would not be relevant for an HR contract.

Tomorro offers the option of highlighting fields according to the type of contract - the model - in the summary sheet so that you can keep only the fields you are interested in for each model, and concentrate on the essentials 👩🏻‍💻.

How to do it?

To add fields to a model's summary sheet, simply :

  • Go to the "Summary sheet" tab in the right-hand pane

Then display the desired fields for this model. Fields that are not displayed can be found under "Hidden".

You can then click directly on the eye icon or on the 3 small dots, "Display" and finally "Always" to display the field in the summary sheet.

You can also manage the display order of fields using the 6 dots that appear to the left of a field when you hover over it. This allows you to put the most important information first. Just drag and drop.

Before moving it:

After moving it:

You can also create a new field to add to the summary sheet. From the summary sheet settings, click on "Create a smart field".

This is where you enter the information for the field (a similar procedure to creating a smart field from the dedicated tab). When you click on "Save this field", the field appears in the hidden fields of the summary sheet. Check it to display it.

All smart fields linked to a template will thus appear in the summary sheet of all the new projects generated from this template.

As mentioned earlier, this can also be done from within a project.

In the project, click on the icon to the right of the summary sheet.

Please note that any modification to a project's summary sheet will be applied to the model to which it is attached.

⚠️ Keep two things in mind:

  • Each time you create a new field, don't forget to add it to the summary sheet by ticking the box in the desired template(s), otherwise, you won't be able to find the information for a project and complete it.

  • Once you have added a field to the summary sheet, remember to refresh the page so that the addition is effective.

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