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Use our Zapier integration

How to use our Tomorro Zapier App?

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Integrate Tomorro with thousands of the most popular apps to automate your work and have more time for what matters most - no code required. Let's start building what you have in mind in minutes.

⚙️ Set up your account on the Tomorro Zapier App

Step 1: Create your first Zap with Tomorro Zapier App

When creating an Action, select the Tomorro Zapier App.

Then select the Action Event "Create Contract" that will let your automatically create a contract. The next step will be to choose an account.

Step 2: Getting your Tomorro API key

In order to connect your Tomorro account to Zapier, you need to get your API key.

Connect to Tomorro > Go to My account > Integration > Click "Manage integration" on the API banner

Then click on "Generate an API key" if you haven't generated one at the moment. And copy it.

Step 3: Connect your Tomorro account to Tomorro Zapier App

On Zapier, click on "Connect a new account".

You will be re-directed to a connection page, paste your API key, and then click on "Yes, Continue".

Et voilà! 🎉 Your Tomorro account is now connected to Tomorro Zapier App.

🚀 Generate a project on Tomorro

Next step is to generate a project on Tomorro via Zapier.

First, define your project base:

Project name: it will be your project name on Tomorro, it can't be empty.

Counterparty name: the project will be linked to this company name, it is mandatory to select one.

Template: you can select one your contract templates, if you haven't created any template yet you won't be able to select any template. You are free to create a project without any template.

Then, define the other fields.

Following what you have chosen for your project base, you might need to complete some new fields, required or optional.

Mandatory fields are the ones used to generate the template document. It could be for instance, the translation or other fields used in the template condition.

On Zapier, you know which fields are mandatory by checking if the label "required" is added at the top right of the field. These fields must have a value if you want your Zap to run properly.

👋 Need some integration ideas?

  • Automate your sales workflow

 💡 Generate automatically the right contract from your CRM tool every time a new deal is won.

Trigger: New opportunity on stage "Won"

Action: Create new contract on Tomorro

Template: SaaS contract

Fields mapped: counterparty name, deal amount, start date, duration, renewal type

💡 Update automatically an opportunity on your CRM tool every time a contract is signed within Tomorro.

Trigger: New contract signed on Tomorro - Soon

Action: Update an opportunity status to "Signed"

Fields mapped: signed date

  • Automate your HR workflow

💡 Generate automatically an HR contract with the right information each time a new employee has filled in a form you have set up on Typeform or Google Form.

Trigger: New form filled in

Action: Create a new contract on Tomorro

Template: Full-time employee contract

Fields mapped: Employee name, Employee address, Annual compensation, Variable pay, Start date

  • Automate your finance workflow - Soon

💡 Create automatically a new client on Stripe every time a contract is signed within Tomorro.

Trigger: New contract signed on Tomorro

Action: Create new client on Stripe

Fields mapped: Counterparty name, Deal amount, Start date

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