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Fill out the form in the contract

How to fill out the form included in the contract you received.

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It is possible that your counterparty has integrated fill-in fields in the contract to make it easier and faster to complete.

💡 There may not be a form to fill in the contract, depending on what has been set up with the other party.

You will therefore have a form to fill out in order to complete the fields of the contract. Faster and easier!

Open the document

To find out how to access the document, go to this page: Login and access the contract version.

How to fill the form

Once you have accessed the contract, if it contains fields to be filled in by you, you will need to click :

  • On the blue button at the top "Start to fill the contract"

Once in the "Fields to complete" tab, you can start filling in the fields.

At the same time, the fields filled in the form are filled in the contract.

Once you have finished filling in the form, you can:

  • Make changes and/or comments in the contract (more details in this article) according to the rights you have been granted on the document, and then send the version back by clicking on "Send version", or

  • Resend directly by clicking on "Send version".

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