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If your organization changes in your repository, Tomorro lets you move, delete or modify several contracts in an instant, both from folders and from filtered views.

How to select projets

From the repository and filtered views, you can find checkboxes for each project line. This allows you to select or deselect the corresponding projects individually.

There's also a checkbox to the left of the first column name, allowing you to select or deselect all the projects currently displayed on the page.

A toolbar appears at the bottom of your screen when a project is selected, allowing you to apply bulk actions.

Bulk project editing

The first option is "Edit".

It allows you to modify properties such as the value of smart fields, the associated template, the internal contact, the supervisor, or to add participants.

  • Choosing a value for one of the fields will have the effect of replacing all the values in each of the selected projects with this single value.

  • Selecting participants will have the effect of adding these participants to all the selected projects, without deleting the current participants.

Bulk project move

The second option is "Move". It allows you to change the location of projects in the repository.

Once you have selected a set of projects, click on "Move" in the toolbar. Then select a new location, and confirm.

Only administrators and participants have the right to move projects. If users attempt to move projects without the right to do so as part of a bulk move, a window will appear indicating that some projects could not be moved.

Bulk project delete

The third and final option is "Delete". It lets you quickly delete a set of projects.

Once you have selected the projects you wish to delete, click on this option in the toolbar, then confirm in the warning window.

Only admins, internal contacts and supervisors can delete projects. Should a user attempt to delete projects in bulk without having the right to do so, a window will appear indicating that some projects could not be deleted.

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