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Share files within Tomorro with the counterparty
Share files within Tomorro with the counterparty

Send and share directly via Tomorro files related to the contract

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Thanks to a complete and operational interface, Tomorro also offers you the possibility to share files with the counterparty.

👉 Add a file

When you are on your Tomorro interface, you will find a "Files" tab.

  • To add a file and share it with the co-contractor, simply click on "Add a file".

  • Choose the file to add and share from your computer, then validate.

💡 You can share all file formats: docx, excel, power point, PDF, email, images etc.

You will also find here any files shared by your counterparty.

👉 Delete or download a file

To delete or upload a file you have added, or to upload a file shared by the other party:

  • First hover your mouse over the file in question,

  • Click on the "..." that appears on the right of the file.

  • Choose the "Upload" or "Delete" option

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