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Use the Tomorro contract workspace

Discover the features of the contract workspace and how to access them.

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💡 What is this workspace?

All your favorite features are in one place.

You'll find below a description of where to access all the project features to manage your contract in the most efficient way.

📄 The contract

If you using Tomorro to negotiate your new contracts, you'll now find the contract on the middle of the project workspace. No need to go to a different page to access the document.

On the top of the contract, you can see three different information:

  • The version on which you're currently working; you can easily switch from a version to another.
    Versions are named with the date and time of creation to avoid confusion because of inconsistent numbering.

  • The status of the current version: draft, send, received.

  • The mode of edition you're currently using. You will be able to switch from a mode to another if needed (and depending the stage of the contract and the rights you have, you'll be able to use some options but not all of them).

👥 Managing participants

From now on, you'll be able to manage participants directly from the contract.

First, click on "Manage" on the top corner right.

Then manage signatories but also external participants and the rights you want to give on the contract to the counterpart from the side panel easily (see below).

From further information on how to add internal participants or external members, please read these articles:

Then let's see what is inside the tabs from the left panel - left side of the workspace.

💻 The Summary tab

The summary tab includes main data and doc about the contract.

1) Files

Here you can gather any file about the contract, and choose to share some of them to the co-contractor.

👉 To learn how to add and/or share files, see article Share files with the co-contractor.

2) Linked projects

Link contracts together to display linked contracts directly in the project workspace and access them in one click.

👉 Discover how to link projects: How to link projects.

3) The summary sheet of the contract

The summury sheet, It is basically all the important information about the contract itself. It is divided in two parts, Counterparty and Project : main contacts, type of contract, dates, folder, and also custom fields depending on the contract.

📈 The Activities tab

All the events that happened on the projects, from creation of the contract, participants added, internal comments or an overview of messages sent to the co-contractor via the Discussion, keep track of everything that is going on with the contract.

Chat and send direct messages to your co-contractor from here. The co-contractor can also access this activities tab from his own Tomorro interface and send you messages from here.

✅ The tasks tab

A place to create task to improve internal collaboration on the contract.

Easily switch from "To do" to "Completed" tabs for a global overview on what remains to be done.

⊕ More

Click on "More" button on top corner right and access a full bunch of features to go further in the management of your contract.

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