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Define the rights of use of my template
Define the rights of use of my template

Simply choose who can use your template

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Tomorro allows you to easily define who can use which template to create a new project.

🧐 What for?

  • Choose which member(s) or group(s) of members have access to a template and can use it; control and limit who can use which template.

  • Reduce the number of templates your collaborators can use; provide them with more clarity and relevance.

  • Keep a template "confidential" (e.g. employment contract templates).

⚙️ How to do it ?

1- In the templates, open the desired template.

2- In the top right corner of your template interface, you will find the "Rights of use".

3- Click on the button.

By default, the template is usable by all, and no restriction of use exists.

👉 To restrict the use: uncheck the "Usable by all" box and add members/groups.

From the moment you add members/groups, only these will be able to use this template.

✏️ Edit or delete the rights of use the template

At any time, you can :

  • add new members and/or groups to give them the right to use this template

  • delete members and/or groups to restrict their use of this template; click on the cross that appears on the right when you move the mouse over the member/group.

And of course, make the template "Usable by all" again at any time.

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