Duplicate a template

How to easily keep all presets and settings from one template to another.

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In order to keep all presets and settings you have done for a template, Tomorro allows you to duplicate a template.

How to duplicate an existing template?

First, open the template you would like to duplicate.

The template to be duplicated can be in a published or draft status.

It can contain or not a document in the editor.

Click on the "More" button, at the right-hand top corner of the screen:

Then, select the "Duplicate this template" option as in the example below:

Confirm or rename the template that will be created and click "Duplicate this template" to validate the copy:

The newly created template will be saved as a Draft one.

What is duplicated?

Once you have duplicated a template, here is the list of elements that are kept from the original template:

  • The document and all smart fields, conditional display, clauses and editable/locked zones if some were set up,

  • The workflows,

  • The summary sheet setup

  • The advanced settings, including automatic archiving, reminders, participants and files

  • Template rights of use.

Once the copy has been made, the new template can easily to be edited.

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