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Automate the addition of participants to projects
Automate the addition of participants to projects

How to set up the addition of participants by default for all contracts created from a template.

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The automation of your document templates allows you to go even further in the management of your documents; it allows you to set default participants from your template.

The purpose:

By adding participants by default from your template, they will be automatically added for all new projects created from this template.

No need to add them manually once the project is created.

But of course, you can always add/remove/manage participants to a project from within the project itself.

👉 To find out how to do this, it's this way: Add participants.

⚙️ How to configure participants by default?

Open one of your templates.

In the template interface, go to the "Participants" section on the right side of the screen.

In the "Participants" section, click on the "Add a participant" button:

Here, select groups or members from the proposals. You can scroll down the list or browse directly for names from the search bar.

Once selected, the added groups/members will appear above the 'Add a participant' button as below:

You can choose as many groups and members as you like and add new members or groups at any time by following the steps described above.

To remove members/groups from the default participants, simply click on the options for a participant or group (with the "..." to the right of their name), and click on "Remove member/Remove group".

Add conditions to default participants and manage your projects from a single model

You can choose to only add participants to new projects under certain conditions (geographical perimeter, the department involved in your organization, etc.).

Next to each participant, you will find the words "Add condition".

Click on it to access the conditions.

You can select an existing condition, or create a new condition.

Once a condition has been added to a participant, you can always delete, replace or modify it.

🎉 The result?

When a project is created from this template, the fields used to trigger the conditions will be required to set the parameters for adding conditional participants.

With each new project created from the template in question, the members/groups you added from your template will automatically be added as participants.

A noticeable time-saving!

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