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Configure Webhooks to optimise your processes
Configure Webhooks to optimise your processes
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Thanks to Tomorro's webhook configuration, you can be notified on the tool of your choice as soon as an event takes place on Tomorro. You will receive a request (HTTPS) each time the event of your choice takes place on your organization.

Configure your webhook

From the Tomorro Integrations page, click on the Webhooks option, then on the "Add a webhook" button.

You will then need to choose the following items:

  • the name of the webhook, you can for example name it after the tool on which it will be used ("Slack Notification", "Hubspot Update"...)

  • the URL on which you want to be notified

  • the type of event you want to be notified about

    • when a contract is fully signed

    • when a contract has been created

    • when a deadline reminder has been triggered for a contract

  • the status of the webhook (active or not)

Once you have completed the form, you can then create the webhook. You can find your list of created webhooks on the Webhooks page.

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