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Generate a contract from Hubspot
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With our Zapier integration, you can automatically generate a contract from a Hubspot Deal.

Your sales teams work on Hubspot, and you want to save them time when generating and sending contracts to your future customers?

In this article you'll learn to:

  • Automatically create a contract on Tomorro, from one of your templates, as soon as a Hubspot Deal changes from one status to another

  • Automatically fill in the contract fields from the Hubspot Deal fields, no need to copy and paste information from one tool to another

This will take you 4 min to set up with Zapier.

💡 If this is the first time you use the app Tomorro on Zapier, you will need to connect to your Tomorro account. Follow the steps described here.

⚙️ Out how to do it with Zapier?

Step 1 - Create a new Zap with the trigger Hubspot

  • Connect to Zapier > Click on Create a Zap

  • Select the trigger Hubspot and the event Updated Deal Stage

  • Select the Deal Stage at which you want the trigger to be sent. The event will be triggered each time the Deal reaches this specific status

Step 2 - Choose the app Tomorro for the action

You can set up the action you want to be triggered as soon as the Deal is updated.

  • Select the app Tomorro for the action

  • And the specific action Create Contract

Step 3 - Choose the right template and map the fields

Now you have to configure the contract type you want to be automatically generated on Tomorro.

  • Select the Tomorro contract type among all your Tomorro template as well as the language for the contract

  • Map all the fields you want to be automatically filled in from your Hubspot data.

    Some fields are mandatory such as the counterparty name, don't forget to add data for those fields.

💪 And voilà, you're all set. Now it's time to test your Zap!

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