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Automate your contractual chains

Save time by automating your contract chains

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With Tomorro Webhooks, you can generate a new contract with a counterparty once a first contract has been signed with that same counterparty. This will help you save time and become more efficient.

For example, an NDA has been signed with a customer or provider and you want to automatically generate a CCA and then a sales contract. Or, a quote has just been approved and signed, and the sales contract now needs to be generated.

In this article you'll learn to recreate the following scheme:

  • A contract A is signed with a co-contractor,

  • Then another contract B with this same co-contractor is generated

This will take you 5 min to set up with Zapier or Make.

🤩 Tomorro's Webhook functionality is included in PRO plans, but comes as an add-on on other plans. Contact us to discuss.

Find out how to do it with Zapier

ℹ️ Works with a Premium Zapier account only.

Step 1 - Create a new Zap on Zapier

  • Log in to Zapier > Click on "Create a Zap".

  • Type and select the Webhooks by Zapier

  • Select the Catch Hook event.

  • Copy the link displayed. This URL should be used when creating the Webhook on Tomorro (see below).

Step 2: Set up the Webhook on Tomorro

  • Click on Add a Webhook

  • Give it a name

  • Paste the link you just copied

  • Choose only the Contract Signed event for the Webhook because you only want to be notified when a new contract is sign

  • Click on Create webhook green button

  • Create a mock project on Tomorro (you can delete it later), set yourself as the signatory and sign the document. The key data will be retrieve on Zapier. That will help you personalize even more your Webhook.

Step 3: Set up the Tomorro trigger on Zapier

  • You are now going to test your Trigger from Zapier by clicking on Test trigger

    You should see the signed contract come up in Zapier with all the data related to this event.

ℹ️ If you encounter any problem on testing your webhook, feel free to visit our dedicated article right here.

  • Choose the Tomorro app as the second trigger and the Create Contract action

  • Choose the contract template to generate (template B), as well as the co-contractor (data received from the first event)

  • You will also be able to use all the dynamic fields that were present in the initial contract, in order to automatically pre-fill the new contract.

🥳 And that's it, just activate your Zap. As soon as a contract is signed on Tomorro then a new contract will be generated.

To learn more about the Tomorro app on Zapier and managing your accounts, go here.

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