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Set up the Tomorro native signature in a template

How to set up and insert the Tomorro native signature in your templates to manage your contracts from A to Z from the platform.

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✍️ The Tomorro electronic signature advantage

Tomorro has developed its own electronic signature.

No need to use a third-party tool to sign contracts. From negotiation to signature, the entire contractual process with the counterparty is managed in a single, unified and easy-to-use workspace.

The experience of managing your contracts becomes even more simplified, fluid and saves you and your company's operational staff time.

Tomorro's native signature is legally binding and complies with all legal requirements.

To find out more, please see this article: What is the legal value of the Tomorro signature?

⚙️ How to set up the Tomorro signature?

You can set up the native Tomorro signature directly from your contract templates.

1- From the main menu on the left, go to the "Templates" tab. Then enter the selected template, which must of course contain a document that you have previously imported into the template.

2- Place your cursor at the point in your document where you wish to insert signature zones.

Click on the "+" to the left of your cursor, as shown below:

3- Choose the "Signature zone" option:

4- A signature zone is inserted in your document, where your cursor was.

5- To set and choose the signatures/number of signatories, click on "Edit", which appears when you move the mouse over the signature zone.

🖋️ Choose signatories

Once you've clicked on "Edit", the black window opens, allowing you to choose the signatory(ies) for :

  • your organization

  • your co-contractor

It is made up of one part concerning the signatory or signatories of your organization and the second concerning the signatory or signatories of your counterparty.

From this window, you can add one or more signatories for your organization and your counterparty.

1) Manage your signatories/signatories for your organization.

To select one or more signatories for your organization, you have two options:

  • Add an empty signatory: the signatory will be chosen on a case-by-case basis, for each document created from this template, OR

  • Choose a signatory from among the members of your organization in Tomorro: the selected signatory will be automatically added as a signatory for each document created from this template.👉 This option is useful if you know that it's always the same person who signs this type of document (from this template).

2) Manage counterparty signatories

For the counterparty, simply click on "Add an empty signatory".

You can add as many signatories as you wish. If you wish to add several signatories for the same party, add an " Blank signatory" for each signatory.

For signatories from your organization, you'll be able to choose members from among who are part of Tomorro.

💡 If you require additional Administrator or Manager licenses, please contact your account manager or email us at

🖐 Add multiple signature zones

And as well as being able to choose where to place the signature zone, you also have the option of inserting several of them and in different locations.

To do this, as with choosing the location, place your cursor where you want to add a new signature zone.

Click on the "+" that appears on the left, then click on "Add a signature zone".

Repeat as many times as the number of signature zones you want.

🗑 Delete a signature zone or signatory

To delete a signature zone, click on the cross at the top right of the signature zone.

You have the option of :

  • Delete the entire signature zone (i.e. your organization's zones and those of the counterparty): in this case, click on the cross that appears to the far right of the grey zone (see below)

  • or to delete only certain zones (i.e. only one zone on the counterparty side): in this case, click on the white cross at the top right of a green signature zone.

To delete a signatory, from the "Participants" section on the left, hover over the signatory to be deleted and click on the garbage can symbol.

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