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The "Linked projects" feature allows you to highlight the link that may exist between multiple contracts stored in your Tomorro workspace.

Have you signed an NDA and a Customer agreement as part of the same project?

Do you want to indicate that an implementation agreement is the result of a framework agreement?

Good news, it's possible with Tomorro! Gain visibility and even more control over the management of your contracts 📋

How to link two contracts?

To link two contracts together, the first thing to do is to open one of them.

On the left, in the upper part of the area, you will find the "Linked projects" feature.

First, click on "Link a project".

1) Browse the contract you want to link to the one you are on:

2) Then choose the link that exists the two contracts among the links from the drop-down:

3) Validate by clicking on "Link project". ✅

The linked contract then appears in the reciprocal workspace of each contract, you can then easily navigate from one to the other and have an overview of the contracts that are linked to each other.

Delete the link

To remove a link created between two contract, click on the "..." to the right when you hover over the link to be removed.

Then click on "Delete the link". The deletion is effective immediately.

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