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Learn how to extract data from Tomorro in excel format

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If you need to export your contracts data from Tomorro and want to know how to do so, you're in the right place.

Getting started

You'll find the export feature in the views tab (that you can access from the main menu on your left).

The export you'll able to do will be based on the content of a view at a specific moment.

So starting from here, you have two options to start exporting data:

  • From an already created view (for example the "Expiring soon" view where you'll find all contracts corresponding to the filters applied - "Status = soon terminated" or "Status = soon renewed"

  • From a new view you can create for the occasion (for example, you want to export the data from all your NDA contracts stored in Tomorro: just create a new view, apply the filter "Template = NDA" and click on Saves changes.

    👉 More about how to create a new view in this article: Create a view.

💡 To export data from all your contracts stored in Tomorro, just go in the "Signed contracts" view. It includes all signed contracts (at least the ones you've been granted access to!).

>> In both cases, the export will include the data of the contracts displayed in the chosen view only.

How to select information and data to export

We've seen right above that you can decide which contracts you'd like export.

Tomorro allows you to go even further and let you decide and custom which information/data (i.e. attributes) to export and in which order (by order, we mean the columns order of the excel file you'll get).

👉 Go in the view you've decided to export and click on click on "Fields" on top corner right.

  • Check/uncheck the information you need to choose which columns to display or not.

  • To choose the order of the columns, drag and drop the columns to rearrange them.

Then click on "Save changes".

The view to be exported is now ready!

How to export

From the view you've prepared, click on the "..." on top corner right.

Click on "Export projects".

Finally, click on "Export" and your excel file with the selected contract data with the columns you've chosen and in the right order will start downloading.

If you need to export both data and signed documents, please write us via the in-app chat (Help & Feedback button) or at

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