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Customize Tomorro with my company logo and colors

Integrate your organization's logo and colors in emails and in the Tomorro space visible to your counterparty

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⚙️ How to do it?

So that your logo and your colors are automatically inserted in the emails received by your partners and the Guest Portal, here is how to proceed:

  • Go to Workspace Settings - by clicking on your organization's name in the top left corner.


  • In "General Settings", start by importing your company logo by clicking on "Choose a file".


Then you can add the "Main color" which corresponds to both :

  • The color of the button on the emails sent by Tomorro (See the preview "Email")

  • And to the background color of the "Counterparty portal" (See the overview "Counterparty portal")

✨ How do you choose the main color?

You can enter the color code directly or choose from the color palette. By default the color will be the Tomorro color.

💡You can approach your organization's marketing, communication or design teams, for example, to find out what color should be incorporated.

  • You also have the option to leave the Tomorro color as default by clicking on the arrow

  • You can choose the color of the button: light or dark

💡 The following message "The contrast is too low, please change the main color or change the text color." may appear if the main color makes the button text not visible. In this case, it is recommended to change the main color.

🎨 What will it look like?

The mails

  • Sent to counterparty

If you have added your logo and customized your colors from your account, they will be added (as below) in the emails received by your counterparty.

  • Sent to the company's employees

When you add your logo and colors, even internal emails (Reminders, Notification...) sent from Tomorro are customized with your logo and colors.

The counterparty portal

In the counter your logo and colors will appear as below:

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