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Send email alerts
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📧 With Tomorro's Webhooks, you can send emails to your employees based on events performed on your organization's Tomorro account.

💡 For example, do you want your CEO or CFO to receive an email when a contract is created or signed with a certain counterparty or created by a specific person on your team?

🙌 In this article, you will discover how to automate this email creation process. You will be able to:

  • Choose when the message should be sent (at creation, signature, or deadline reminder)

  • Choose the condition according to which it is necessary to send an email

  • Customize the message with key contract data

⏰ This will take you 5 min to set up with Zapier or Make.

🤩 Tomorro's Webhook functionality is included in PRO plans, but comes as an add-on on other plans. Contact us to discuss.

Find out how to do it with Zapier

ℹ️ Works with a Premium Zapier account only.

Find out how to do it with Make (ex Integromat)

ℹ️ Works with a Free Make account.

Step 1 - Sign up / log in on Make and create your first scenario (1 min)

  • Select the option Custom Webhook

  • Add a Webhook, give it a name (optional) and save

  • Copy the link displayed

Step 2 - Log in on Tomorro and create your first Webhook (1 min)

  • Click on Add a Webhook

  • Give it a name

  • Paste the link you just copied

  • Select the event for which you want to send a slack message

  • Click on Create webhook green button

  • Create a mock project on Tomorro so the key data is retrieve on Make. That will help you personalize even more your webhook

Step 3 - Set up the alerts for Gmail (3 min)

  • Click on Run once to retrieve all the data (might take few seconds to retrieve)

  • Click on the + button next to the webhook bubble

  • Type and select Gmail application

  • Select Send an email

  • Log in to your Google account

  • Fill out the form as you wish (eg. define the subject, the attached files, etc.). You can add any contract data by clicking inside the boxes to personalize the content even more!

  • (optional) Define the condition under which the email will be sent by clicking in between the two bubble (on a dot)

  • (optional) Select the data that will condition the email being sent (eg. email address, contract amount or end date…) and save

  • Activate the scenario

Step 4 - Test your Webhook! (optional) (30 sec)

  • Create another mock project to try out the scenario you just created

😇 Some recommendations

  • Be logged into your Tomorro account

  • Register or log in to a Zapier / Make account

  • Before clicking on Test Trigger in Zapier or Run once in Make, you need to create a mock project on Tomorro (which you can delete afterwards) so that Zapier / Make can retrieve the contract data

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