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How to track your email exchanges via Tomorro?

You now have the possibility to track in Tomorro all emails exchanged about a contract.

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No more endless email loops and lost information about your projects, everything is centralized in one place!

You can now follow in Tomorro all the mails exchanged about a project in order to :

  • Centralize your exchanges, different elements and information about your projects

  • Have a better visibility and collaboration around your projects

You have the possibility to track your projects via a email generated by Tomorro. This email allows you to centralize your exchanges in the "activities" section of your projects.

🪄 How do I generate a Tomorro email to track my project outside of Tomorro?

1) Via an external document

  • You have the option to click on "Copy project email" in the "Track emails sent outside Tomorro" section, as below:

  • You can also access this option by clicking on "More" and "Copy project email".

2) Via one of your templates or an external document imported into the editor

  • You can click on "More" then "Copy project email".

📨 How do I integrate a Tomorro email to track my project?

1) In Tomorro, by sharing a contract via a Word document or via the Tomorro portal

  • Click on "Send or Sign"

  • Click on "Send for review"

  • Then select one of the two options:

    • "Editor version"

    • "Word version"

  • Then add your contacts and click "Send this version".

  • Once sent, the email address generated by Tomorro will be automatically integrated into the email sent to your counterparty.

  • You will be able to follow your exchanges concerning the project in the "Activities" section

2) Outside of Tomorro

You can integrate the email of your project generated by Tomorro, in any email exchange even if the document affiliated to the project is not processed in Tomorro in order to centralize all discussions in the "Activities" section of your project.

  • Click on "More" and click on "Copy project email"

  • Then paste the CC email address into your email

💡 To keep track of all email exchanges on Tomorro, be sure to reply by email by selecting the "Reply to all" option so that the email address generated by Tomorro is well integrated into your exchanges.

📥 Import documents received by email automatically

This e-mail address can also be used to automatically view documents shared with it. They will be added to the activity if applicable, and you will be able to select and add these documents directly to the project, in an instant.

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