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Learn how to access the different features of the editor.

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🧐 How to access the ➕ button?

To access the ➕ button move your mouse over the editor, a➕ button appears on the left :

⚙️ The different features

Click on the➕ button, you will have access to different features:

  • 🪂 Page break: This feature allows you to insert page breaks anywhere in your template. You can be sure that your appendices for example will be on different pages.

  • 🖼️ Table: With this feature, you can create and insert tables in your templates.

    To add rows or columns to your table, click on the "+" that appears.

    To delete rows or columns from your table, click on the small trash cans that appear.

    To delete it, while passing by the table, just click on the main cross on the right of the table.

  • 🌆 Image: Do you have diagrams, photos, or images to insert in your models? This is also possible with this feature.

    Just click on the "image" symbol and choose the image to insert.

  • 📑 Clause: allows you to add clauses; you can also create them from this button.

  • ✍️ Add a signature zone: this allows you to add a Tomorro signature zone in your contract.

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