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Manage a document layout
Manage a document layout

Learn how to layout your document in the Tomorro editor.

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At Tomorro, we have developed a text editor to allow you to build your templates in the most flexible way possible.

We develop and add new features to our editor every week.

Here are some of those features, to have better-than-life templates and contracts ✨

⚙️ Text formatting

  • Font size

You have the possibility to change the font size, to format your template. You can also use "Paragraph" or "Headings" options to better format the document.

As well as 4 types of text styles to highlight your titles, articles or important parts of your contract template.

  • Text formatting

Like Word, the Tomorro text editor offers you the possibility to justify your text or to center it for example. Also you have the possibility to increase or decrease indent on your text.

You can also put it in bold, italic, underline.

From the "A" icon, you can choose the text color, as shown below:

From the "Pencil" icon, you can choose the color when highlighting text, as shown below:

  • Lists and bullets

The first symbol (bullet points)allows you to insert bullets to create lists very easily.

The second symbol (lists) allows you to create numbered lists, in several ways:

  • Numbered Lists :

    • Classic: Insert numbered lists in a specific place. In "Classic" mode, when you insert a paragraph after a list you can start the list again at 1. and this several times in the document.

  • Heading Lists :

    • Article: Insert titles "Article 1. Text", "Article 2. Text". If you delete one, the rest of the list is updated automatically. Great, isn't it?

    • Title: Insert numbered lists. In "Title" mode the numbering continues throughout the document, unlike in "Classic" mode. If you delete one, the rest of the list is updated automatically. It will affect the whole list and change the numbering order.

And for each of these options, you can vary the font size.

You want to keep your personalized lists ? It's possible, learn more about it here.

  • Indentation

It is also possible to offset text from the left margin.

Use the Tab key on your keyboard, then enter the text.

You can also select the text, then press the Tab key.

The indentation will have an impact on the organization of your lists: shifting text to the right launches the start of a sub-list.

Lists settings

By clicking on the different lists in the editor, you have the possibility, depending on the type of list, to :

  • Change numbered list style

  • Convert this into bulleted list, i.e. change from a classic numbering to a bullet point list.

  • Continue numbering, i.e. add the next number

  • Restart numbering, i.e. restart the numbering from 1 at the point where you clicked.

💡Learn how to access to the different features of the editor by clicking here.

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