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Edit a version before sending

How to edit a version in the Tomorro editor.

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Editing a document before sending it from Tomorro is a breeze with the simplified text editor.

Let's say you're in the middle of a negotiation, here are the editing options you'll find on the contract version you're working on.

⚠️ Once negotiations have started, only the formatting is editable at any time.

Any changes to the text will appear as a "suggestion".

💡Tomorro tips: if you're not able to edit the text, but all you can do is filling the form, it's because the admins of your account have blocked the edition of the content of the contract. You won't have access the "Edit' mode and will automatically be in "Comment" mode.

Text formatting

The edit bar allows you to change the size and format (bold, italic, underlined, highlighted) of the font, add bullets and numbering and format the paragraphs.

Also, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to make these transformations faster:

  • Cmd/Ctrl + B to change to Bold.

  • Cmd/Ctrl + I to change to Italic.

  • Cmd/Ctrl + U to set to Underline.

  • Cmd/Ctrl + H to set to Highlighted

ℹ️ Find the list of shortcuts by clicking on the ⌨️ keyboard icon at the bottom right of the page.

Document layout

By clicking on the little + on the left of your screen, where your cursor is, you have various options for formatting the document.

  • Page breaks: This feature lets you insert page breaks anywhere in your template. You can be sure that your appendices, for example, will be on different pages.

  • Table: With this function, you can create and insert tables in your templates.

    • To add rows or columns to your table, click on the "+" that appears.

    • To delete rows or columns from your table, click on "Options" then "Delete row" or "Delete column".

    • To delete the table, simply click on "Options" then "Delete table".

  • Image: Do you have diagrams, photos or images to insert into your templates? This is also possible thanks to this function. Simply click on the "image" symbol and choose the image you want to insert.

  • Clause: allows you to add clauses; you can also create them from this button.

  • Add signature zone: allows you to add Tomorro signature zones to your contract.

You can also quickly add dynamic components :

By selecting items in your document, you can

  • replace this element with a custom field using the label icon,

  • add a comment on the selected element, either privately (visible to participants in your company) or publicly (visible to all participants)

  • ask the AI to reword the text.

👉 Get to know more about comments here: Add comments on the contract.

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