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Automatically insert custom fields from a Word document into Tomorro
Automatically insert custom fields from a Word document into Tomorro

Save time by automatically inserting smart fields when you import them into Tomorro from your Word document.

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Tomorro makes it easier to manage your contracts throughout their lifecycle and saves you time 🕐

Automatically insert smart fields from a Word document into the Tomorro editor when creating a template/contract negotiation from an external document.

1- Create custom fields/check that they exist 🖋️

You have two options:

  • The custom fields already exist, you can move on to the next step.

  • The custom fields have never been created or you want to check, here's how to do it 🔖

Go to the "Dynamic components" tab, then click on "Smart fields".

You can find the existing smart fields in your organization. Check whether you need to create new ones or whether they already exist.

🤔 To create smart fields, follow this guide.

2- Open the contract in docx format to modify it before importing it 💻

Open the contract in Microsoft Word or (Google Docs for example).

Use the "Search and Replace" option.

Open the search by pressing ctrl + f (Windows) or cmd + f (Mac).

Then click on the 3 small dots to open the "Search and Replace" option.

Replace the desired text with the exact name of the custom fields in Tomorro.

Write the name of the custom field (exactly as it appears in Tomorro) you want in braces, as in this example: "{Counterpart name}".

💡 You can also proceed without using "Search and Replace" by doing it manually directly in the contract.

How to use { } on Windows :

How to use { } on Mac :

Your docx. document should now look like this example:

3- Import the document into Tomorro 📥

The next step is to import the doc docx to create a template or project.

You don't know how to :

- Create a template, here's the guide to help you.

- Create a project, here's the guide to help you.

Once your document has been imported, the smart fields filled in between { } in your Word document have been automatically replaced by Tomorro smart fields. This is how it should look:

Well done! Now you know how to save even more time with Tomorro 🥳

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