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Generate new contracts in bulk

Discover how to efficiently generate multiple projects from a single contract template.

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1️⃣ Start a new Negotiation

  1. To mass generate projects, simply click on the "+ New project" button, conveniently located at the top left corner of your screen:

  2. Next, select the option "Start a new negotiation". Please note that the mass generation feature is exclusively available through this option.

  3. Select the project type / template for which you intend to generate multiple projects.

  4. Once the project creation form appears, click on the "Bulk generate" button:

    The bottom section of the form will adapt, enabling you to initiate the bulk generation. 

2️⃣ Completing the Excel Template with Required Information

Download the template by clicking "Download the template" under Step 1. Tomorro will generate an Excel file where you can input the necessary information for your project generation.

Within this Excel file, you'll find columns for:

  • Mandatory fields required for generation, highlighted in orange with an asterisk.

  • All the other fields created on the platform, although not mandatory for generation : only fill information for the useful ones!

⚠️ Please do not change the columns order or rename them.

You can now fill in the information for each project, with each row representing a distinct project.

3️⃣ Bulk Generate

Once the Excel template is filled, re-import it to initiate the bulk project generation by selecting "Import the template" under Step 2.

Upon successful projects creation, a filtered view will be automatically generated, facilitating easy access to the newly created projects!

❌ The file contains errors

If the generation process encounters any issues preventing its completion, Tomorro will compile a list of errors along with the corresponding rows, providing details about the nature of the error.

After rectifying these errors, you can re-import the file to proceed with project creation.

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