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Use the share link for your projects

Share the link to your projects securely

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For all your projects sent for review or for signature to your counterparty (status Negotiating or Signing) access a unique and specific share link for your project.

🤔 How to use this feature?

1️⃣ Find the sharing link in the Participants tab of your project and configure it according to your needs (counterparty interface language, counterparty rights).

2️⃣ A shortcut is also available with the Share link button at the top right of your project page. This allows you to copy the sharing link with a single click!

Before sending the link, you can select :

🇨🇵 🇺🇲 The default language of the interface for the co-contractor,

📝 The editing rights you wish to grant to the people who have this link.

💡 You can then include this share link in the email exchanges you have with your counterparties, or easily resend it to all participants !

🟢 The person who receives the email is a project participant:

If the person receiving the share link is a participant in the project, they will be able to securely access the document through the interface by entering their email address.

📨 They will then receive a 6-digit code by email to validate their access and verify that they are indeed a project participant:

🏆 They will then be able to enter their first and last name to access the project:

🔴 The person who receives the email is not a project participant:

If the person enters an email address that you have not associated with the project, they will be redirected to a page indicating that they cannot access the document.

They can then contact the person who sent them the link to be added as a project participant.

🔐 This feature ensures greater confidentiality for your projects and ensures that the information in your contracts is accessible only to the people you have selected.

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