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Create workflows for my templates
Set up approval workflows before sending or signing
Set up approval workflows before sending or signing

How to gain control with approval workflows.

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For more control within your company over what is sent and signed, Tomorro allows you to set up workflows in a few clicks, creating approval conditions at different stages of the negotiation cycle.

You give autonomy to your collaborators to create their documents and materials while keeping an eye on what is sent/signed, nothing could be easier 🙌

Tomorro allows you to create two types of approval workflows:

  • before the document is first sent to the counterparty, and/or

  • before the document is signed.

💡 Workflows are set up per template, so you can manage each template independently.

Approval before first sending vs. Approval before signing

What is the difference?

These are two approval workflows you can set up, at different times in the life of your contract negotiation.

📮 Before First Send

The approval workflows is triggered when the user wants to send the document via Tomorro to the counterparty, for the first time.

✍️ Before signing

The approval workflows is triggered when the user wants to launch the signature of the document via Tomorro.

⚙️ How to set up an approval workflows?

1. To begin, go to the template for which you want to set up an approval workflows, by clicking on "Templates" in the main menu on the left.

2. Then open the correct template.

3. At the top of the page, you will find the "Workflows" section.

For each type of workflow - before first sending or before signing - there is a sub-section.

🚔 How do I add approvers?

First, to add an approver, click on "No Approval workflow", then choose the option you want from the ones available in the drop-down menu :

  • No approval workflow: By default

  • Everyone must approve: All approvers need to approve, no matter the order

  • One after another: All approvers need to approve but in a specific order you can define.

Then click on "Add an approver".

Repeat the operation if you need more than one approver.

You can add as many approvers as you want. Each approval step is managed independently of the other.

For example:

To manage the approval order :

  1. Make sure you are using the "One after another" option for your workflow ;

  2. Use the ascending and descending arrows next to the member names.

👉 Learn here how to create simple and conditional approval.

👤 Who can be an approver?

Not all users in your organization can be designated as approvers; only a user with an Administrator license or a Manager license can be an approver.

If you need more Administrator or Manager licenses to add notably more approvers, you can talk to your dedicated account manager or contact us at

❌ Delete an approver

🚫 Delete an approver

It's very easy to delete one of the selected approvers. Just click on the "..." next to the approver's name and click on delete.

🚧 Delete an approval stage

Click the button to select the approval option you have set up and click "No approval workflow".

This does not delete all approval stages you have added but only before first sending or signature depending on the stage you have deleted.

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