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How to choose who should approve the documents and in what order

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👉 To find out what types of approvals exist, you can check out this article: What types of approvals exist?

Multiple approval scenarios can be set up from your templates and you can always define multiple approvers, before first sending and/or before signature. Tomorro goes even further and allows you to choose the order in which these approvers should approve documents.

Do you have internal processes where the sales manager has to approve first, then the finance manager and the legal manager has to approve last? Good news! You can replicate this in Tomorro.

How to set up an approval with an order?

Here are a few steps to follow - they are the same whether it is for an "Approval before first sending" or an "Approval before signature".

1️⃣ Click on "No approval workflow" as below:

2️⃣ Select the "One after another" option - all the approvers you are going to add will have to approve, but in the order, you can define.

3️⃣ To add your first approver, click on "Add an Approver" as below:

Repeat to add as many approvers as desired.

How to choose the order of approval?

Once the different approvers are added, you will see arrows to the left of the approvers' names. They allow you to move the approvers up/down to define their order.

The up arrow moves the approver one step up, and vice versa, the down arrow moves the approver one step down.

The final order of the approvers will then be the one in which the approvers appear.

🤔 What happens once a project is created?

The order appears in the box that tracks the current approval process.

In the example below, we see that Anne-Thaïs has to approve after Grégoire, so she will be notified once Grégoire has given his approval.

❌ What if approver #1 rejects the approval?

If the first approver or a prior approver to another rejects the approval, the others will not have to approve, they will not be notified until the approval workflow is restarted.

Your turn! The possibilities are endless 🤩

  • You can define an approval order for approval before first sending and not define an order for approval before signing.

  • You can mix simple and/or conditional approvals to an approval order.

For example:

  • An approver A approves in position #1, if the contract is for 12 months or more.

  • An approver B approves in position #2 regardless of the duration of the contract.

Situation 1: The contract is for 18 months.

Approver A will have to approve in #1 and then Approver B in #2.

Situation 2: The contract has a duration of 6 months.

Only Approver B will have to approve.

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