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How to create tasks in a project to collaborate and get things done.

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To ma age your projects as efficiently as possible and as a team, Tomorro allows you to create tasks for each contract.

How to create a task

To create a new task, go to and open the contract of your choice from the repository or a view and click on the "Tasks" tab on the left side of your screen.

Here, the tasks will be divided in two tabs - you can switch easily from one to another:

  • "To do" tasks > they have not been completed yet

  • "Completed" tasks > they have been completed

To create a new task, an input box appears (see above), click in it and enter the details of the task to be performed.

Then click on "Add task" or on Enter on your keyboard to validate the creation.

How to assign a task and define a due date

Some additional options:

  • To add a due date for this task, click on the calendar icon on the right of the task.

  • By default, each task created is assigned to the creator of the task, but it is possible to assign it to another member of the project by simply clicking on the letter of your name or your photo on the task.

Once the task is created, you can always modify the content, the due date and the member assigned.

How to mark a task as completed

To mark a task as achieved, nothing more simple: simply check the box (🔳) located on the left of the task ✅.

How to delete an existing task

To delete a task, hover over it and click on the Trash can icon (🗑) on the right.

⚠️ Deleting a task is an irreversible action.

How to preview my Tasks

When tasks are created, they are visible in several places within Tomorro:

  • Naturally, they appear in the "Tasks" tab of each contract;

  • All of your personal tasks for the current day as well as overdue tasks are displayed on your "Today" tab in the middle of your home page.

  • You'll also get a summary email for the task you completed and the task you need to complete at the beginning/end of the week.

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