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Send the contract via the Tomorro guest portal

How to send a version to the counterparty from Tomorro.

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📮 How to send the contract?

You have a version you're happy with and want to send it to the counterparty? Here's how to do it.

To do so, you can first click on "Send or sign" from the top of the page as shown below:

Then select the "Send for review" option.

"Share via the Tomorro Guest Portal" is selected by default.

💡 If you click on it on "Share via Tomorro guest portal", you will have the option to select "Share via Word file only".
To learn how to send via a Word document, check out this article.

Then, fill out a few things:

1) Add your contacts: add the email address and press Enter. Repeat the operation if you want to send to several people.

2) You can add a note. The other party will receive it with the contract.

3) Choose the rights granted to the other party on the contract and the language of the interface to which they will have access to.

  • The rights granted can be :

    • Read only

    • Suggest

    • Comment

  • The language: it can be French or English.

4) Click on "Send this version" at the bottom right to validate and send the contract 🎉

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