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Add a document to your template
Add a document to your template

How to add a document to your template.

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You have created a template and you want to gain control and make your document available to your collaborators.

Nothing could be easier!

⚙️ How to do it?

To do this, go to the "Templates" tab in the left-hand menu, and enter the template to which you wish to add a document.

First, let's create a new template by clicking on the right of the page on "New template" (see below):

Select the "With Word document" option:

💡 Your file must be in ".docx" format, otherwise, it won't work.

  • Import the document in ".docx" format from your computer

  • Rename your template if necessary

  • Select the language of this document.

The language is here as an indication, Tomorro does not translate your documents, but allows you to indicate visually to everyone in which language the document is.

Once the document and language are selected, click "Start creating my template" at the bottom to validate the creation ✅.

Once you are done and your template is ready to use, click "Publish Template" at the top right of the page.

If you don't want to publish your template right away, it will be saved automatically, you can leave it without fear and come back to it anytime.

You will find it in the Drafts:

🇺🇸 You can add several versions of the document in a single template, to allow everyone to choose the language if necessary.

The existing versions are displayed at the top of the document.

👉 Here is how to do it: Add different languages.

Go further

🤩 Now that you've added a document to your template, take it a step further:

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