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DocuSign integration

Connect Tomorro with your DocuSign account.

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In order to sign your contracts faster and provide you with a fast and secure electronic signature experience, we have designed an integration with DocuSign, an e-signature solution.

🎉 Tomorro's DocuSign integration is available on a turnkey basis and requires no technical development.

👉 However, you need a Docusign account, the subscription to which is independent of that to Tomorro.

⛓️ Connect my DocuSign account to Tomorro

To get started, go to the DocuSign integration page from your personal account: click on your name at the bottom left-hand side and then on My account > Integrations.

Click on "Manage Integration" for DocuSign, then on "Use the Integration" and connect your DocuSign account to Tomorro. You will then be redirected to the DocuSign interface to log in.

As part of this integration, Tomorro will ask you for access to two items:

  • The ability to create envelopes: simply to allow you to create your envelopes with 1 click from Tomorro.

  • Extended access: to simplify your life and avoid having to log in every 24 hours.

You will then be redirected to the DocuSign login page to log in:

  • enter your login email and password

  • authorize Tomorro to create DocuSign envelopes on your behalf and stay connected to your account.

And that's it, you'll be redirected to Tomorro, the integration is live ✅

⛓️‍💥 Disconnect my DocuSign account from Tomorro

To revoke Tomorro's access to your DocuSign account, go to Integrations from your personal settings and then to Docusign integration page:

Open the DocuSign integration by clicking on "Manage Integration", then click on "Revoke Access".

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