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How you can start signature directly from Tomorro?

Learn how to launch the signature process directly within Tomorro

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You've finished negotiating your contract and are ready to start signing with the other party.

If the Tomorro signature has been set up by your organization's administrators in the contract template you've used, everything is now done in Tomorro, including the signature phase ✍️

No need to use a third-party tool to sign your document!

To begin, open the contract and click on "Send or sign".

✒️ Signatory settings

  • For your organization's signatory(ies) :

    • either this has already been set up by your administrators: the signatory is already filled in and you have nothing to do;

    • or this has not been done, and you will need to add a signatory.

  • For the counterparty signature(s) :

    • either the counterparty has indicated that it is ready to sign the contract, and has indicated the signatory: all you have to do is manage your organization's signatory.

    • or you can initiate the signature process and add the e-mail address of the counterparty's signatory.

If the names of the signatories have not yet been added for your organization and/or the counterparty, simply click on "Empty signatory" to fill it in.

  • Select the member of your organization (among Tomorro members) who will sign;

  • Add an e-mail address for the counterparty signatory(ies).

The signature fields are located in the document and the signatory information is filled in according to what you've entered.

💡 The first and last names of external signatories will be added when they sign, so don't worry, it won't say "Defined at signature" anymore.

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