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Store a signed contract in Tomorro
Store a signed contract in Tomorro

Learn how to store a contract signed without Tomorro in your repository.

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Your contract has been signed outside Tomorro?

Here's how to store it in your repository in a few minutes, so you can keep track of it and not miss any deadlines.

📂 Store your contract

1️⃣ Click on the "New Project" button (upper left),

2️⃣ Select the option "Store a signed contract"

3️⃣ Select the type of contract from those available in your company.

4️⃣ Fill in the basic contract information and upload the signed PDF.

🖋️ Fill in the contract fields/values

Depending on what has been set up by the admins of your organization, you will have fields to fill in, in order to be able to follow the key dates and information of the contract.

They are in the column on the right in the "Summary sheet" section:

ITo fill in the fields, just click on "Add". They can have various format (text, number, date, menu).

🔔 Create reminders to avoid missing deadlines

Automatically, when you have specified a fixed duration and a prior notice, Tomorro will automatically schedule a reminder 1 month before the start of the notice period or before the end date when no notice period:

But you can edit it, or create custom reminders by clicking on "Add a reminder".

🗃 To import numerous contracts at once, learn how to manage the import of your contract pool.

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