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Upload signed contracts
Import signed contracts and process them later
Import signed contracts and process them later

How to simplify the centralization of your signed contracts to be stored in Tomorro's repository?

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From the new "To Process" filtered view, you can now import multiple documents (PDF) at once, with a single click. You can then return to this view later to process the documents: select an associated template, define the counterpart, and complete the summary sheet.

Here's how it works 👇

🤔 How to use this feature?

Follow these steps to import your documents:

1️⃣ The "To process" view is automatically created by Tomorro, in the "Filtered views" dropdown menu on the right side of your screen.

2️⃣ You have 2 options for importing documents:

  • When you receive signed contracts by email, you can forward them directly to the personalized email address found in your profile.

  • Click on the "Import documents" button and upload your documents directly.

3️⃣ Your documents are now stored in the "To process" view, awaiting completion (select an associated template, define the counterparty, and complete the summary sheet) and then archiving in the repository.

4️⃣ Click on the documents one by one to complete them.

⭐️ PREREQUISITE: to complete the projects, you need to have created your contract types, meaning your templates (it's not necessary to add a document to the template).

Here, you must fill in the mandatory fields:

  • Template

  • Document's language

  • Counterparty

  • Project name

  • All the mandatory smart fields related to the selected template.

5️⃣ Click on "Create project" at the top right of the page to create the project in the platform. You can then process the next document.

💡 The document will be saved in the repository. If an automatic archiving rule has been set up on the chosen template, the document will be saved in the folder or subfolder predefined by this rule.

6️⃣ To save time, instead of completing the projects one by one, you can also batch edit documents with similar fields.

📚 Where to find my contracts after creating the project?

Once the project is created, you'll find it in the repository or in the folder/subfolder where it was automatically stored (if an automatic archiving rule has been set up on the chosen template).

Also, remember to use the search bar: in the main menu on the left of your space, you will find a general search bar.

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