Create folders and subfolders

Organize your contracts in folders and subfolders in your repository.

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To offer you the maximum flexibility in your repository, Tomorro allows creating folders and sub-folders very easily.

Recreate in a few clicks the structure you had in your Drive, your Dropbox, or your computer ! 🗂

📂 Create a folder

To create a folder, first, go to the Repository from the main menu on the left.

Then click on "New folder" at the top corner right.

1) Select the parent folder of this folder.

2) Name the folder.

3) ✅ Confirm the creation by clicking on "Create this folder" at the bottom right.

💡 For information, the parent folder "Repository" is not a folder in itself and corresponds to the public area of the Repository, so it is the root of all folders.

🤓 Who has access to the newly created folder?

By default, only the creator of the new folder will have access to it and will be the only one to have access to the projects stored in it.

Unless the owner gives access to other members, no one will see that folder.

The creator of a folder is the owner and cannot be removed from it.

📂 Create a sub-folder

The procedure is the same to create a sub-folder within a folder or even a sub-folder within a sub-folder, etc. You have to repeat the steps explained above.

You can create as many subfolders as you want.

Enter the folder in question, then click on "Create a folder" at the top right. Fill in the information of the sub-folder (name and parent folder) then validate by clicking on "Create folder".

🎛 The sub-folder inherits the settings of its parent folder.

For information, members and/or groups who have access to a parent folder automatically have access to subfolders.

👉 Give access to a folder

To know how to manage access and add groups/members to a folder and thus give access to the contracts that are/will be stored in this folder, it is in this article.

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