Edit or delete a folder/subfolder
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Edit the folder

You can edit the information in the folder at any time, by clicking on "..." at the top right, then "Edit folder".

You can easily change the parent folder of your folder as well as the folder name.

Delete a folder

To delete a folder or sub-folder, click on "..." in the upper right corner, then "Delete Folder".

⚠️ Projects stored in a deleted folder or sub-folder will be accessible to all and stored in the repository and not in a specific folder.

To confirm the deletion of the folder, you will have to copy the title of the folder, as in the picture below.

Once you have copied the name, as a security measure, you can click on "Delete this folder".

N.B.: Only the organization's administrators have the rights to manage folders and subfolders in the repository. Do not hesitate to contact them if necessary.

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