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Review suggestions made by the counterparty
Review suggestions made by the counterparty
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Your co-contractor has sent you back a version of the contract on which he has incorporated his modifications and/or comments. Below is an explanation of how to process them.

1️⃣ Access the revised document

Once you have received the notification e-mail informing you that you have received a new version, this is the page you will arrive at:

👉 There is the "Files" tab (for more information on this tab and how to share contract-related files via Tomorro, go to this article: Share Files.

👉 You also have access to messages and notes sent by each of the parties from the "Activities" tab (Discuss with the co-contractor)

2️⃣ Reviewing changes: accept or reject

To continue the negotiations, when you receive a new version amended by the other party and in which the suggestions are therefore, here are the steps to follow to process them:

  • First click on "Review" (blue button in the center)

  • By clicking on it, you have 2 possibilities:

    • Review one by one: for each suggestion, you will have the possibility to accept or refuse it.

    • Accept all suggestions : you have looked at the suggestions and they all suit you, this action allows you to process them all at once.

⚠️ The choice to process them one by one or to accept all the suggestions is irreversible.

👉 Review suggestions one by one

Once this option is selected, you can process the suggestions one by one.

How to do it?

On the right side of the document, you will find all the suggestions to review and the progress of your review.

Click on a suggestion (they all appear on the right side of the document). Or click on the "Annotations" section on the right.

Then, accept or decline it. You also have the possibility to add a comment.

Each action you take is recorded in the "Resolved" section of the "Annotations" section.

👉 Accept all suggestions

To accept all suggestions at once, choose this option. All changes suggested by the co-contractor will then be accepted and saved in the "Resolved" resolutions.

What happens next?

Once all the suggestions in the document have been processed, you can :

  • Add your own and/or make comments on the text (to know how to do this, you can read the article: Modify and comment on the contract) and then send the version back to the counterparty, by clicking on "Send this version", or,

  • Directly send back the version by clicking on "Send this version".

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