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Add suggestions and comments on the document
Add suggestions and comments on the document
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Have you received a version of the contract and want to make your changes?

📝 Make changes to the contract

Tomorro allows you to add your modifications to the contract (adding or deleting text etc) in the form of a mark-up.

Each party will therefore have an overview of the changes made by the other party, for maximum transparency and confidence in your negotiations.

To make changes - additions and/or delete of text - you only need to add or delete text.

Any addition will be displayed in yellow in the text.

Any deletion will be displayed in yellow and crossed out in the text.

To learn how to handle changes, which appear as Suggestions, made by the counterparty, you can read this article: Reviewing suggestions made by the counterparty.

💬 Make comments on the contract

To make comments, select the word, sentence or paragraph you want to comment on.

A black window will appear above: click on the comment symbol (circled below)

Then write your comment.

💡 By default, the comment is private, so only your party will by default be able to see it once it is posted.

If you want every members of both parties to see it, you can make it "Public". To do so, check the corresponding box (see below) :

To validate, click on "Post".

At each place where there is a comment on the document, the text is highlighted.

Once the comment is published, you can archive it or reply to it.

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