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Create a new contract using an internal template

Learn how to use one of your company's templates to start a new contract.

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When it comes to creating a new contract, Tomorro offers you 3 options:

  1. Create a new contract starting from an internal template / a template that is available for your company;

  2. Create a new contract starting from an external template / your conterparty's template for exemple;

  3. Store an already signed contract in Tomorro.

Let's see how you can proceed to start with an internal template.

1. Create a new project in Tomorro

💡 At Tomorro, we use the word "project" to describe a contract. Why not using the word "contract"? Because we give you the ability to add a lot more than the signed PDF of the contract: you'll be able to centralize everything (files, comments, participants, versions etc) in one single place: the project.

To create a new project, first click on the blue button on the bottom left corner of your account: "+ New project".

2. Select the right option

Then you can choose how to start the new contract.

Here, select the option "Use one of your templates" to select the template you need among the ones available for your organization.

3. Choose the right template

Once you've clicked on "Use one of your templates" option, you'll have to choose the contract type, meaning to choose among all the templates that are available for you the one that you need.

💡 The list on the screenshot below won't obviously be the same for you. You'll be have access to the contract templates that the Tomorro administrators of your organization have granted you access.

👉 Click on a contract type to select it.

4. Fill in the creation form to get the right contract

  • Select "Use document template"

  • Fill out the contract information

The information of the contract are essential to create the project in Tomorro:

  • Name of the counterparty

  • Destination folder

  • Langage of the contract to generate (if many available, you'll be able to choose the one you need)

  • Name of the contract.

💡 By default, the destination folder and name are automatically generated depending on the type of contract you have chosen. It means that has been set up by the administrators.

  • Fill out the attributes/fields

It is necessary to fill out the fields value - when there are some additional fields to fill - because they have been added by your company’s admins to define which clause has to be inserted or not in a contract.

⚠️ These are obviously only examples, everything will depend on what has been configured for your account - it is possible that you don’t have any field to fill out.

5. Create the contract 🎉

Once everything's been filled, let's create the contract and start negotiaton/signature!

Just hit "Create project" button below the creation form.

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