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Duplicate a projet

How to duplicate a project to create a new one?

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Do you need to duplicate a contract that has already been signed or a contract that is currently being negotiated?

Do you want to create an amendment and start from the initial contract signed in Tomorro?

Are you contracting with different parties and the contract is the same for all of them?

Good news, Tomorro makes it very easy to duplicate a project!

You can duplicate a project regardless of its status: being prepared, negotiated, signed or signed.

The status of the duplicated contract will automatically be "In preparation" and you can manage it as you wish afterwards.

Why duplicate a project?

Duplicating a project lets you recreate the project space but, above all, to start from a document whose fields have already been filled in (if there was a document in the duplicated project).

You save time and don't have to create a new contract and fill in the fields again. Everything will already be pre-filled, so all you have to do is check before sending or signing.

How to duplicate a project?

First, open the project to be duplicated.

Then, click on More in the top-right corner and select Duplicate this project.

Modify the basic information if necessary.

Here you can not only change the name of the project, but also the name of the counterparty - if it is different from the copied contract - and change the folder in which the new project will be stored once it has been signed.

You also have the option of indicating that this new project is an amendment to the initial project; to do this, simply tick the "Create as an amendment" box.

The two projects will then be linked.

To find out more about linked projects: Link contracts.

Confirm the creation by clicking on "Duplicate".

The duplicated project: what you'll find there

The project status

Once the duplication has been validated, the newly created project will open.

It will be in "Draft" status.

Which version of the contract is copied?

The contract version that will be duplicated is :

  • if the orignial contract was signed: the version that was signed.

  • if the original contract was not yet signed: the latest version of the contract that exists in Tomorro.

All the contract fields are filled in as they were in the initial project. You can of course modify them by clicking on the fields in the contract or on "Fields filled" in the blue banner at the top of the page.

You can then manage this new duplicated project as you wish 🎉

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