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Send contracts for signature in bulk

Learn how to send multiple projects for signature in just a few clicks.

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Tomorro simplifies the process of sending multiple projects for signature within seconds, prioritizing efficiency.

🛠️ Requirements

Before initiating the bulk sending of your projects, ensure they are ready for signing by checking the following:

  • All custom fields within the document body have been filled out.

  • The document contains at least one signature area.

  • All signatories have been defined.

💡 Sending multiple projects for signature simultaneously is only possible with the Tomorro signature.

⚙️ From Filtered Views

Select projects ready for signature from a filtered view.

💡 For example, you can use the automatically generated filtered view created through bulk project generation!

In the bar that appears at the bottom of the screen, click on the "Send" button.

A window will then allow you to write a note that will accompany the email sent to each of the signatories.

You also have the option to activate automatic signature reminders, sent every 5 days.

In cases where approval is required before sending for signature, the approval workflow will be initiated prior to sending the project to your counterparts.

Once sent, you can find your projects in negotiations under the "Signing" section.

📂 From the Repository

You can also send projects for signature in bulk from the contract library by finding the "Send" button at the bottom of your screen after selecting one or more projects.

❌ Projects couldn't be sent

Make sure the projects are properly configured before sending them for signature. In case the sending fails, the platform will indicate that the projects could not be sent.

A filtered view will be automatically created containing all projects in error to facilitate review.

Possible reasons for sending errors include:

  • At least one of the custom fields within the document body has not been filled.

  • The signature area is missing.

  • At least one signatory has not been defined.

Once the errors have been corrected, you can proceed with the previous steps again.

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