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If you need to change the destination folder of a contract, for example to store it elsewhere, there are 2 possibilities to do so: from the contract itself or from the repository.

From the contract/project

1) First access the project and open it.

In the contract summary sheet, you will find the folder where the contract is currently stored, as below for example:

💡 If no folder has been selected at the contract creation, the contract is by default stored in the repository.

2) To change the destination folder, click on the current folder (here in the picture, on "Repository" for example).

3) Then choose from the drop-down menu the new folder where to store the contract.

4) Confirm the folder change, by clicking on "Confirm" in the window that opens.

⚠️ Once a contract is stored in a folder, all members who have access to the folder will be able to access this contract.

From the repository

It is also possible to edit the folder in which a contract is stored from the repository in two ways:

  • Directly from the contract summary sheet

1) Click on the name of a contract, without opening it: the summary preview opens on the right side.

2) In the same way, click on the current folder and choose another folder from the drop-down menu.

3) Then confirm the change of folder.

4) The change will be automatically saved ✅

  • Drag & drop from the repository

Simply drag the contract and drop it in the right folder. Easy one! The change is automatically saved too.

You can also move in bulk !

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