Edit or delete a template

How to change the name or delete a template

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✏️ Edit the name of my template

To change the name given to a template, first, open it.

Then, click on the template name in the upper part of the template interface.

The field is then editable and you can change the name of the template.

When finished, simply click outside the field and the changes are automatically saved.

You can edit the name of a template, regardless of its status (published or draft)

❌ Delete my template

To delete a template, open it.

Then click on "More" at the top right of the interface.

Click on "Delete template".

A window asking you to confirm will open: you must copy/paste or copy the exact name of your template here; this is a security measure to prevent you from deleting a template by mistake.

⚠️ Any deletion of a template is final and irreversible.

Once a template is deleted, it disappears from your template library, all existing versions also disappear.

Of course, projects already created from this template do not disappear.

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