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Archive a counterparty
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Contractual relationships can evolve over time, and it's not always necessary to keep all your historical counterparties in your interface.

To make Tomorro clearer, you can archive counterparties with whom you are no longer actively negotiating.

📖 Go to the counterparty profile

You can access a counterparty's profile via :

📚 Archive a counterparty

A menu can be accessed from the top right-hand corner of a counterparty profile. Here you'll find the archive option.

It is then possible to reactivate a counterparty by performing the inverse operation from its profile.

💡 What are the impacts?

Archived counterparties will no longer appear in the counterparty selection menu when creating a project, in the list of counterparties, or in the various filters in Tomorro.

Archived counterparties will still appear in the global search, or in their associated projects. In the global search, an "Archived" tag will appear to the right of any counterparties.

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