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Forward document by email to create contracts in Tomorro
Forward document by email to create contracts in Tomorro

How to forward documents received by email to Tomorro via an email address dedicated to your company.

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To ease the creation of contracts from your everyday tools, Tomorro lets you forward signed contracts/documents directly from your inbox to Tomorro, using your company's own email address.

Forward signed contracts from Gmail, Outlook or your inbox, find them in a specific view in Tomorro and process them later. 💌

Retrieve my company's own email address

First step: your company's own email address, the one to send contracts or documents to so they can be created in Tomorro.

You'll find it in several places in your Tomorro account:

  • on the home page, top right-hand corner

  • in the filtered "To process" view

Copy this email address or save it in your address book.

👉 Who can retrieve this e-mail address?

All users, regardless of their user role (Admin, Manager, Contributor) can retrieve this email address and send/forward contracts to Tomorro.

Sending contracts from my mailbox

Once you have your company's generic email address, you can send signed contracts/documents to Tomorro from your mailbox.

Have you received a signed contract by email that you'd like to store in Tomorro? Forward it directly to the dedicated email address you have retrieved at the previous step.

📄 This feature works for signed contracts only, and the only format accepted is pdf.

Retrieve the forwarded contract

Once the contract has been forwarded from your mailbox, you'll find it a few seconds later in your Tomorro account, in the "To process" view:

Process the forwarded contract

Once the document has been forwarded to the "To process" view, it's your turn to process it to create the project and ensure effective tracking and monitoring in the platform.

💡 To find out how to process the document, we explain everything in this article: Import signed contracts and process them later

Benefits of e-mail transfer

You receive a signed contract by email as an attachment? No need to download it and store it in Tomorro.

Just forward it to Tomorro in just 1 click, then process it: you're guaranteed to save time!

An example

In the example below, the signed contract was received by email:

Screenshot+2024-04-18+at+17_01_27.png (1938×1252)

How to send it to Tomorro without leaving your mailbox?

The solution: forward it to the company's email address:

image.png (2028×1282)

The forwarded contract is now in the "To process" view and is ready to be processed!

An email confirmation of the project creation, once the contract has been processed, will be sent to you:

image.png (2028×924)

Demo video

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