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Create custom reminders from the project
Create custom reminders from the project

How to add reminders to avoid missing deadlines.

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As soon as a project is signed, you have the ability to add unlimited custom reminders.

Once your document has been signed via Tomorro or after adding the signed document to the project, click on the "bell" icon on the right side.

Open this section, click on the "New reminder" button, choose the type of reminder you want to create and name it.

You can choose between 2 types of reminders:

  • A reminder in relation to the notice date (example: you want to be reminded 3 months before the start of the start of the notice period)

Please note that in order to add a reminder related to the notice period, your project must be a fixed term contract, and the end date and the notice period must be completed.

  • A fixed date reminder : regardless of whether your contract has a fixed term or not, you will be able to choose a date (or many dates) on which you would like to receive an automatic reminder. (example: 10/23/2021).

When the reminder has been sent, a green ✅ icon appears to the right of it.

⚙️ You will receive both a reminder in the app, visible in the bell tab next to your first name, and via email (depending on your notifications preferences).

💡You have the option to set up notifications about reminders. By clicking on "All participants":

  • All those with access: participants and members accessing the project folder (Default)

  • Only project participants

  • Custom, i.e. certain members or groups of your organization

⚠️ The following message "This reminder will not be triggered due to missing data:

End or renewal date" can appear if no end date have been entered in the summury sheet.

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