Automate reminder creation

How to automate reminder creation from your templates.

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With templates, Tomorro gives you more time and control over your documents.

With reminders, Tomorro allows you to avoid missing deadlines for your contracts. You can create as many reminders as you want.

But to save you even more time, you have the ability to automate the creation of reminders from your templates.

Thus, for each new project signed that corresponds to a template, one or more reminders will be automatically created.

⚙️ How to set up automatic reminders?

Go to your templates, then to the template for which you want to automate the creation of reminders.

In your template's interface, you'll find a "Reminders" section on the right-hand side by clicking on the "Bell" icon:

👍🏻 The default reminder

By default, a reminder exists in all your templates.

This default reminder is set to be triggered :

- Either 1 month before the end of the contract (if there is a fixed duration, an end date, and no notice period)

- Or 1 month before the beginning of the notice period (if there is a fixed duration, an end date, and a notice period indicated)

You can always delete or edit this default reminder if you want to, by clicking on the pencil or bin to the right of the reminder.

⏰ Add a reminder

To add a new default reminder, which will therefore be triggered for all signed projects created from this template, click on "Add a reminder".

The window for creating the reminder opens:

  • Name the reminder - the reminder will be called that in all projects created from this template.

  • Choose the date:

    • Relative, in days or months (before the end date or renewal date, including notice)

    • Fixed, on a specific date

  • Set up notifications:

    • All those with access: participants and members accessing the project folder (Default)

    • Only project participants

    • Custom, i.e. certain members or groups of your organization

  • Then click on "Create this reminder" to validate ✅

Once the new reminder is created, it will appear in the list of reminders in the template.

✏️ Edit or delete an automatic reminder

To change the characteristics of the reminder (title or relative date), simply click on it.

To delete a reminder, click on the trash can that appears on the right when you move the mouse over it.

💫 The result

Let's imagine a project created from the template in which a second automatic reminder has been created (see above).

Once the project is signed, the two reminders that exist in the template are added to the project, in the "Reminders" section in "To come" :

💡To find past reminders click on the "Past" tab.

☝️ Reminders appear when the project is signed. Therefore, it is normal to not see the "Reminders" section when the project is in draft, negotiation or signature.

🔔 What does the color of the bell mean?

The bell appears in green when the reminder has not yet been triggered.

The bell appears in grey when the reminder date has passed but has not been triggered (because the date has already passed when the project was created/signed in Tomorro).

A double-check appears when the reminder has been triggered and the concerned members have been notified.

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