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Insert tables in the Tomorro editor
Insert tables in the Tomorro editor

Create and insert tables from within the Tomorro live editor.

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How to create a table in the Tomorro editor?

  • To create a table, click on the "+" button that appears on the left side of the editor when you hover it.

  • Click on "Table".

  • A table with two rows and two columns appears

How to add a row or column to a table?

Once created, you can add rows and columns:

  • Click on the "+" buttons:

    • On the side, to add a column

    • Below, to add a row

💡 You can also add rows and columns by clicking on the "Option" tab. To delete the table, click on "Delete table".

How to manage the table borders?

Click on a cell, a central bar appears as shown below:

  • Click on the "table" icon to manage the display of panel borders using the following options:

    • All borders: all table borders will be visible

    • No border: no border visible

    • Top: show or hide top border

    • Bottom: show or hide bottom border

    • Left: show or hide left border

    • Right: show or hide right border

  • Check or uncheck the options you want to.

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