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Use our Salesforce connectors
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Our Salesforce integration is designed to streamline your processes and avoid the back and forth between your different tools.

We have developed three Salesforce connectors to meet the needs of our various customers. We continue to iterate and develop new connectors, please contact us to discuss.

✍️ Generate a contract manually from Salesforce

This first connector allows each salesperson to manually generate a contract from any opportunity or account on Salesforce, using the templates configured by the Administrators.

Contract data can be automatically pre-populated with information already in Salesforce.

💡 Find out in this article how the field mapping between Tomorro and Salesforce is done.

⚙️Automatically generate a contract from a Salesforce

To further automate the work of sales teams, it is possible to automatically generate a contract from a template once an opportunity reaches a pre-defined status.

For example:

  • you can generate an NDA contract as soon as the opportunity reaches the status "Negotiation".

  • or you can upload the signed document on Tomorro as soon as the opportunity reaches the status "Closed Won".

🔗 Synchronize your information between Salesforce and Tomorro

This integration allows you to have always up-to-date data between Tomorro and Salesforce.

  • View negotiated contracts stored on Tomorro, their status and key information, in the Tomorro widget in Salesforce.

  • Keep your Salesforce data up to date with the latest contract information that has been populated on Tomorro by automatically sending data from Tomorro to Salesforce.

💡 To set up data synchronization from Tomorro to Salesforce, you need to first manage the field mapping between Tomorro and Salesforce.

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